For most people, the initial visible healing stage will last one week - that's how long it takes for the surface of the skin to heal - but it takes about 5-6 weeks for the tissue beneath to heal completely.

Lip Blush Aftercare directly impacts how your lips will look at the end of the healing process.

Right after the procedure color will be more saturated. Color will fade about 30-60% once they will heal. 

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How Long Does the Lip Blush Healing Process Last?

Day-by-day Lip Blush Healing Process

After Lip Blushing session, the skin of your lips will go through several stages of the healing process. 

PLEASE NOTE: If you ever had a cold sore or Herpes. Ask your physician to prescribe Valtrex (Valaciclovir) 3 days before and 3 days after the procedure. This procedure can trigger an outbreak that will affect the result.

AVOID during Healing Process:
Spicy and Hot food
Sun Exposure
Close contact with pets
Scratch, pick, scrab or stretch
Long, hot showers


The swelling is normal after the Lip Blushing procedure. According to individual body reactions, some clients will experience more swelling than others. After a few hours the swelling will go down. Don’t worry – It is a natural reaction to trauma.

During the first few hours, Lips will also ooze lymph liquid. Blot it with sterile wipes or baby wipes (fragrance free). If you experience a lot of lymph liquid on your lips you can gently wash treated area with water and antibacterial soap, dry them gently with pat motions.

Your lips have a very intense color. Over the next few days, the color will fade significantly and your Lip Blush will look 30-60% lighter once 5-6 weeks have passed.

A thin layer of Laneige or Aquaphor should be applied consistently throughout the day for 2 weeks.
Do not use pure petroleum products such as Vaseline or mineral oils (it traps moisture and bacteria, lips doesn't get enough air while they're healing).

When use a shower, wash your face,  brush your teeth apply ointment before.
First day don't use tooth paste when brush your teeth.

Always keep the Lip area moist, do not let it dry out and crack.


The size of your lips should be closer to normal, but they can be still a little bit swollen. If they appear bigger you may be experiencing an allergic reaction.
Please contact us immediately. 

Your Lips feels more dry and tight. Scabs are forming.

Do not touch your lips! If you scratch, pick, scrab or stretch your Lips, they will heals patchy.

DAY 3-4

Lips will start to flake and peel

As it heals, it can start start itching. 
Be patient – don’t scratch, pick, scrab or stretch the scabs. Otherwise you can run the risk of opening a wound and becoming your lips infected.

Lips still very dry and tight.
Keep Lips clean and Continue to apply thin layer of Laneige or Aquaphor.

It's important to keep following the Aftercare! 
To get perfectly healed result. Or it can fade the Lip Blush’s pigment or create patchiness.

DAY 5-7

If your lips are still peeling, be patient and follow the Aftercare for a few more days.

Pigment can disappear temporarily and return a few weeks later. This is a normal part of the Lip Blush healing process. In 5-6 weeks pigment will become visible again and your new lip shade will show through. 

Once visible healing process stops, you can start wearing makeup and return to your normal routine.


Follow-up appointments should be scheduled about 5-6 weeks after your first session. We can't do it earlier; pigment settles in a natural process and can't be sped up. It is possible to cause permanent scarring if further trauma is applied to unhealed tissue.

Lip Blush Touch-up session is very important to finish the procedure, refresh the color or choose a new one, make any adjustments and correct missing spots. Without Touch-up session Lip Color won't stay as long.



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