Lash Line enhancement
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Lash Line Enhancement is a shaded line tattoo (follows the natural line of your lashes) that sits at the root of your lashes and gives the illusion of fuller, darker, thicker lashes.

Based on individual preferences, we customized the thickness and color.


  • Must not be pregnant or breastfeeding
  • Diseases, skin infections, undiagnosed skin rashes or active skin cancer (Consult your doctor first)
  • Wearing eyelash extensions (should take them off)
  • Have recently had or plan to have eye surgery

Great for people with naturally sparse lashes or medical conditions that cause their lashes to fall out (such as alopecia).

TIME: 1.5H

LASTS: 1-3 Years

DOWNTIME: 3-5 days

The lash enchantment process involves the use of a micro-needle to deposit ink between the lashes. 
The procedure is typically painless, and most clients report a mild to moderate level of discomfort. 

The ink used for the lash enchantment tattoo is typically a dark, charcoal or brownish color which blends with the natural lashes and provides a subtle yet noticeable enhancement.

The recovery time for lash enchantment is relatively short, and most clients can return to their daily activities immediately after the procedure. However, it is essential to follow the aftercare instructions to ensure proper healing and minimize the risk of infection or other complications.

The results of a lash enchantment tattoo can last for several years, depending on the individual's skin type, lifestyle, and other factors. The longevity of the results can be extended by taking proper care of the tattooed area and avoiding exposure to harsh chemicals and sunlight.

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Lash enhancement faq

How Long Lash Enhancement Last?

All permanent makeup last about 1-3 years. Depends on your skin type, right after care, sun exposure (use SPF cream), age, body, medicatios you take etc. 

Is It Paintful?

For our clients comfort we use numbing cream but it's not necessary step

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