Lip Neutralization is a permanent makeup technique designed for those with cool or dark-toned lips in which we correct and neutralize the unevenness in color of the lips.

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TIME: 2-3H



Lip Neutralization process takes time and patience. 

People are born with different amounts of melanin in their skin. However, not everyone is happy with the natural shade of their lips.  

There are several possible causes of darker lips or discoloration, including melanin rich skin, hyperpigmentation, injuries and skin disorders. 
Also person from any ethnicity who has vascular lips typically has a higher percentage of melanin on their lips as well.

Let's talk about Smoker Lips. Nicotine stimulates the production of more melanin in your Lips which can cause pigmented and dark lips.
Lip Neutralization is great option to correct that discoloration from smoking.

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Dark Lips Neutralization Healing Process

The number of Lips Neutralization / Dark Lip Color Correction sessions to achieve desired results is individual for everyone and can be anywhere between two and five. 

Once we Neutralized unwanted colors we can do any different lip color with Lip Blush
If you are looking to achieve only a lighter natural lip tone, Lips Neutralization procedure is the perfect and sufficient procedure.

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Lip Blush
Permanent Makeup Contraindications

lip neutralization faq

How Long Lip Neutralization Last?

Lip Color Correction last about 3 years. Depends of your skin type, right after care, sun exposure (use SPF cream), age, body, medicatios you take etc. 

Is It Paintful?

For our clients comfort we use numbing cream but it's not necessary step

What Is The Lip Neutralization Precare?

1.Don't take aspirin, alcohol, caffeine or any blood thinners one day before the procedure!
2. Lip fillers should be done 1 month before/after the procedure
3. Scrub your lips for couple days before the procedure and keep them moisture (Aquaphor)
4. Have you ever had a cold sore? Ask your physician to prescribe Valtrex (Valaciclovir) 3days before and days after the procedure. This procedure can trigger an outbreak that will affect the result
Follow all the steps to achieve better healing results!

What Is The Lip Neutralization Aftercare?

Lips can be swollen up to 2-7 days.
Color may fade out 30-60%, touch-up is required to finish the procedure.
Any allergic reaction - make an appointment with doctor, don't wait!
1.Avoid the sun for next 10days, use SPF 30-100
2. For the first 24h after the procedure clean your lips with Sterile water wipes to remove lymphatic fluid
3 Avoid hot drinks and food. Drink everything through a straw until your lips completely heal
4.Apply ointment on your lips several times a day. Don't allow lips to become dry!
5.No soaps, cleansers, acids or chemicals on your lips
6. Don't stretch your lips
7.Don't scrub, scratch or pick your lips
8.Avoid sweating on your face
9. When you use a shower, wash your face, brush your teeth apply ointment before
10. Avoid pool, sauna, tanning salons, steam rooms for next 10days
11.No Laser on tattooed area (can cause burn)

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