Permanent Makeup is great for most people but not everyone is a good candidate. 

Permanent Makeup procedure has Absolute and Relative Contraindications that can lead to side effects.

Contraindications apply to all of our procedures, including Lip Blush, Lip Neutralization, Powder Brows, Permanent Makeup Removal etc.

Please carefully review contraindications before booking 


Under 18 years of age

Pregnancy or Nursing

Diabetes (not type 2)

Active cancer (not in remission)

(genetic bleeding disorder in which the blood does not clot properly due to a deficiency of one of the clotting factors) 

Somatic symptom disorder

Acute inflammatory processes

Transmittable blood conditions (e.g., HIV or Hepatitis)

(High blood pressure)

Allergy to anesthetics

Skin diseases in the acute phase

Taking blood thinners

Prone to keloids
(Raised, thick, and firm scars that develop on the skin after injury or surgery. They grow beyond the original wound.)

Alcoholic and drug intoxication

Mental illness, epilepsy

(neurological disorder characterized by recurrent seizures or convulsions, caused by an excessive electrical activity in the brain)


Taking antibiotics

Cold sore, herpes infection or an allergy - Permanent makeup can be done if all the recommendations of the technician and physician are followed

The presence of warts or moles in the tattooed area

Inflammation or pustules in the tattooed area


Flu or Cold

If you have any contraindications, please do not hide them as they might cause serious problems during or after the procedure. And it’s better to postpone your appointment.

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